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Flight Services

Ultralight flight training, Flight testing, Introductory flights

Ultralight flying is the least expensive way to learn to fly (about half the cost of a private pilot license).  The legal minimum requirement for an ultralight permit is 10 hours of training but realistically that's not enough time to learn to fly safely. The training package we offer consists of  about 25 lessons. Each lesson includes a pre-flight briefing, an hour long flight and a post-flight debriefing for a total of about 2 hours of ground & flight instruction.  The lessons cover topics ranging from  fundamental to advanced maneuvers and emergency procedures. The program also requires completion of a separate ground school. After completing the training, you'll need to write a Transport Canada multiple choice exam & apply for the ultralight permit. Please call or email to find out more details about the training program and permit requirements.

Our Flight Training Services: Welcome
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